Which professional sports leagues have taken meaningful initiatives to help the environment?



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    It sounds like quite a few professional sports teams (or at the very least the arenas in which they play) are taking steps to help the environment. The 2009 ProGreenSports Sustainability Survey found that about eighty percent of professional teams in North America have plans to increase environmental sustainability programs. Examples include the Portland Trail Blazers, whose home court, the Rose Garden, has made energy efficiency changes that have added up to 771,000 kilowatt hours saved each year. Both the Philips Arena and the American Airlines Arena are LEED certified, and at the Washington Nationals sports complex recycling bins have been installed.

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    About three years ago Major League Baseball started the “Team Greening Program.”  Among other things, the program provides it’s ballclubs access to information on making every aspect of their business more environmentally friendly.

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have a recycling program in their stadium. Also, the NBA has partnered with the National Resources Defense Council in an effort to become more environmentally friendly. I do have to question why the NFL seems to play all of it’s outdoor games with the stadium lights on, even those played during sunny days…

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    The New York Giants, New York Jets, and the EPA teamed up to make their Meadowlands Stadium much greener and more eco-friendly. Building materials include recycled steel and eco-friendly concrete, and the construction vehicles used will run on cleaner diesel fuel. Even the time vehicles spend idling are closely monitored. This redesign of the stadium was unable to be LEED certified; the required energy efficient windows for suite seats could not be incorporated into the design.

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    In addition to the post from ecoman83, the Philadelphia Eagles have taken huge steps in making their stadium one of the greenest in the country. Along with their recycling program, the owners have spent well into the 7-figure range to cut energy costs and emissions by using sustainable means (wind powered/ methane reused from landfill) to power 30 percent of the stadiums lighting.  The team’s organization also plants tree in the Philadelphia area when the team leaves for away games, in an effort to combat those carbon emissions from the plane they use. Everything from strategically placed recycling bins to recycled paper for ticket stubs have helped to make the Philadelphia Eagles one of the leaders in professional sports sustainability.

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    In 2011 FC Bayern Munich, one of the most successful football clubs in Germany and in the world, signed a partnership deal with Chinese energy holding company Yingli Green. They are a leadying solar energy company and share the common goal of developing a sustainable future with the club.  Bayern Munich is excited to team up with a renewable energy company as Yingli Green becomes their Official Premium Partner.

     “Both our club and Yingli Solar share a common goal: Be socially and environmentally responsible in every decision we make for a better and greener world. We also look forward to utilizing Yingli Solar’s expertise in the renewable energy area to see how we could make FC Bayern greener.”

    Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, FC Bayern Munich President

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