Which product produces the most energy per pound of material?



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    The most efficient material/compound/element that we know of at producing energy per pound, is antimatter. Energy production can be thought of as the conversion of mass into energy. Thus, when we burn fossil fuels for example, we are destroying and changing that mass to release energy. Likewise, when we split an atom, we are splitting into two parts but also converting a portion of it into energy as well. Note, however, when we burn fossil fuels or even split atoms, we inevitably create waste – that is, mass that couldn’t be converted into energy. Thus, there is inefficiency in the conversion of mass into energy and the mass that is converted into energy is only a percentage of the total mass of the fuel. Antimatter is the most effective energy conversion substance in the entire universe because it can convert nearly 99% of mass into energy – completely annihilating it and turning it into energy. By comparison, fossil fuels and nuclear power only convert miniscule fractions of the mass into energy.

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