Which plastic is worst for the environment?



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    Greenpeace, an international environmental group has deemed PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic as the worst plastic for the environment. During the production, use and disposal of PVC there is a chemical called dioxin that is known to pose health risks.

    Unfortunately, Dioxin is found in all Americans  at a level that poses health risks. Dioxin can cause cancer and enter into our systems primarly through what we eat and human breast milk.

    Currently Greenpeace is working to expose that PVC cannot be recycle while exposing imminent risks to children.

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    PVC which is used in many types of attire. It didn’t cross my mind how dangerous PVC is for the environment. More than 14 billion pounds of PVC is produced in North America alone. These are the health problems associated with PVC:

    • Cancer
    • Endocrine disruption
    • Endometriosis
    • Neurological damage
    • Birth defects & impaired child development
    • Reproductive and immune system damage
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