Which planet is the furthest from us?



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    Pluto used to be considered the farthest planet from Earth until it was deemed no longer a planet. Now, the farthest known planet from Earth is Neptune. Neptune is 4.4 billion km from earth.

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    There are dwarf planets past Pluto (also considered a dwarf planet) that are further away from the Earth than ever known before.  The furthest planetoid from us is Sedna.

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    I assume you are talking about planets in our own solar system, correct?  The thousands of starts in the galaxy, many with their own orbiting solar systems and planets. 

    In fact, the closet planet to us (that we at least know about) outside our own Solar System is Epsilon Eridani B, a good 10.5 light years away from our own sun. The planet revolves around the Epsilon Eridani star, located in the Eridanus constellation.

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    Just to expand on the idea of planets outside of our own solar system, there are an estimated 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone (though some estimates place this higher, at between 200 and 400 billion) and at present there are an estimated 100 billion other galaxies ( at the lower end – a recent German simulation placed the number at closer to 500 billion). Kepler’s work illuminating the number of extrasolar planets suggests that planets are not uncommon. Therefore, I would guess that in order to find the planet farthest from us, one would have to travel as far away as one could – to the other side of the universe – then have a look around.

    Kepler has found a number of planets locating other stars – for instance, the Kepler-11 system has six planets orbiting it, and is located roughly 2,000 light years from Earth.

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    The furthest known planet is OGLE-TR-56. It is estimated to be 5,000 light years away from Earth. It orbits around the nearest start every 29 hours and has a temperature of 3,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Here’s a picture of the order of planets in our solar system. Since Pluto isn’t considered to be a planet anymore, the farthest planet has become Neptune.

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