Which places are bound to disappear with our rising sea levels?



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    Many cities around the world are located near oceans and are low-lying.  The World Watch Institute has listed 21 mega-cities that are at danger from rising sea levels.  The list includes New York, L.A., Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Bangkok, Lagos, Cairo and Mumbai amongst others.  Many island nations, especially those in Oceania (ex.Tuvalu), are in danger.

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    One of the countries with the most to lose from a rise is sea levels in Bangladesh. It’s predicted that a rise in sea levels of only three feet would flood 15% of the country, which is really bad because the tiny country already struggles to feed its 150 million people. [citation 2] <– That’s about 1/2 the population of the US in a country the size of Florida. 

    If you’re patient you can use this global warming simulator to see which parts of the earth would be flooded at different levels of ocean rise. (Given it a minute or so to reload whenever you move the map or change the amount you expect the ocean to rise, it’s very computationally intensive.)[citation 1]

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