Which place in the U.S. has the highest fine for littering?



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    The highest fine I have seen so far is $500 in Arizona.  However, in Nebraska your first-time offense includes not only a fine but jail time as well.  If you are found littering a second time your fine is $1,000 plus 6 months jail time!  Don’t even think about a third attempt to leave your crap anywhere but where it belongs are else you’ll face another $1,000 fine with a YEAR of jail time…YIKES.  

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    It’s difficult to determine which state has the highest penalties for littering at any given time because these are subject to change, and can also vary depending on the amount of prior infractions a person has when cited. For example, littering in California can be as low as $100, but will increase to $750 (plus 24 hours of litter clean up) for a third offense. It appears that Washington State may have the higest fine right now, which can be upwards of $1000. This is likely due to the fact that the state has a great deal of natural forests, which it intends to protect from pollutants and flammable materials.

    Please note that because these laws vary from state to state, there is no collective data on the fines from a national standpoint. Hence, this is one of those times that wiki sites can be great resources and starting points (see link below).

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    face maximum fines of $1000.up to $5000

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