Which phone is the most energy efficient?



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    You can make your phone energy efficient by taking certain enery saving steps while in use, for example, preserving your phone’s battery life will decrease charge time resulting in less energy.  You can do this by minimizing video use on your phone, turning dow your screen brightness, taking your phone off vibrate, and avoid exposing your phone to high temperatures.

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    There may be more energy efficient phones available in the near future.  


    • Nokia is working on a charging system that powers itself on ambient radiowaves using technology similar to that of alarm sensors in retail stores.  The successful implementation of such a system would mean that your cellphone would no longer require a charger.  
    • Gigaset made it to the finals round of the 2008 International Design Excellence Awards with its “Solar” mobile, which is covered in solar cells that charge the battery when exposed to sunlight.  The phone is made of “pure, separable materials” like metal, eco-plastics and glass and its touch screen displays only the keys necessary for a given function.  
    • The “Mechanical Mobile” designed by Mikhail Stawsky uses kinetic energy and recharges as you spin the phone around on your finger or fiddle with its base.  
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