Which part of the United States is most affected by global warming?



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    There is no single zone in the United States than can be considered the most affected, but our coastal regions are among the first to see the effects of global warming, due to rising water levels of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, caused by ice melt. Other regions are also affected, as plant zones are shifting to more accomodating climates, hurricanes are becoming more intense from increased oceanic temperatures and record-breaking heatwaves are recorded across the continent. 

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    I remember reading an article about this a few years ago, and thankfully I was able to locate it again (link at the bottom). The article focuses on how South Florida could really be affected by rising sea levels. By the end of this century, rise in sea levels could leave most of South Florida under water. This really shocked me, since I really love South Florida. However, even with such sad news, Florida is still a pioneer in trying to stop global warming. Hopefully the rest of the nation catches on and helps. 

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