Which part of the east coast is the most beautiful?



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    I like New England in the fall, when the trees change colors. New England in the summer is nice too, especially at the beach. 

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    The north east is beautiful.  However, the South Florida area is stunning all year ’round.  The palm trees blow in the wind from the ocean.  You feel fresh all day with sun-kissed skin.  Unbelievable coastal views will make you want to sit back and relax or jump on the boat and cruise down the intracoastal.  Either way, South Florida has something for everybody.

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    I love Miami. I’ve gone there on vacation a few times and the beaches are beautiful! The water is a beautiful turquoise color, the sand is clean and soft. Aside from the natural beauty of the beaches, the area of South Beach is nice with it’s art deco style buildings.

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    I have to admit that I find the big city feel of New York to be beautiful. As far as natural beauty, however, I really think the Carolinas are something special.

    Photo Credit: http://wirednewyork.com/parks/central_park/snow/

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    Upstate New York remains my all time favorite place during the fall. A wonderful time to take a bike ride when the leaves are falling where the colors are magnificent.

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    The coasts of Maine have always been my favorite.  Whether in the winter or summer, the view is breathtaking and unbeatable.  There are few other places where you can see a dense, coniferous forest right up against a freezing ocean.  Not to mention the hundreds of quaint and picturesque lighthouses painting the coastline.

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    Coastal Florida is absolutely beautiful. With warm weather and warm water almost all year round it opens up a plethora of activities outside available to you. The Florida Keys are stunning with water at every corner. There is tropical floral and fauna and the water is crystal clear turquoise. 

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