Which organizations focus on getting the poor involved in environmental activism?



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    The Anjali School in Varanasi, India aims to provide social and environmental education to children living in the city slums. 

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         The Environmental Justice Resource Center is an organization that helps address the disproportionate burden that minorities and the lower class face when it comes to the environment. While doing research in Houston, sociologist Robert Bullard, discovered that the city’s garbage dumps were all situated in black neighborhoods. His book about the problem, Dumping in Dixie, is considered the first book to fully address the environment as a civil rights issue. Dr. Bullard founded the EJRC in 1994 to help communities address the problem of environmental injustice. 

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    One group in central Panama is building a community-run facility to promote conservation of the tropical rainforest through education, research, and global outreach. La MICA Biological Station and its foundations are hiring impoverished local people, thus providing them sustainable work that is conservation-oriented. Since the workers have been hired, they have not had to go to the local strip mine for work or kill animals for food. They are able to purchase propane tanks for their stoves instead of burning wood.

    La MICA is very young, but as they continue to grow, they will continue to help the environment and local people.

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