Which one Leed or Breeam?

Hi, I would like to be informed about a mixed used project in Turkey that is an applicant for both Leed and Breeam certificates. It’s planned to be apply Breeam for Shopping Mall and Leed Gold for 3 Towers will be used for Residential, Office, Home Office.. It’s a huge project, there are 3 towers and 1 is over 250meters high, a long podium (street) of fashion and a big shopping mall. Thus I would like to know which would be suitable (leed or breeam) for shopping mall, towers, what are the advantages or disadvantages. Thanks already for your information.



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    Unfortunately from your information I can’t really answer your question. However, the website below will give you a better understanding as to what both organizations strengths are and whether or not one would work better over another for your projects. 

    The major differences between the two are that Breeam is a UK organization. It appears to look into all aspects of building something, rather than simply what it takes to create the building. They look at projects in terms of all aspects from beginning to the end life of the building.

    LEED on the other hand is a US based organization that appears to focus on the environmental friendliness of buildings and also in marketing the benefits of a green build to the wider community.

    I’m sure that in many ways both companies work towards a common goal in similar ways, but its possible that if you contact the companies directly they can give you advice as to whether your project would be something they could help you with or not.

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