Which oil rig is producing the most oil in America?



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    Assuming by “America” you mean the United States:

    For many years the most prolific single well in the 48 states was at Grant Canyon Field, Nevada, at a peak of about 4300 barrels per day, sustained for many years.

    Thunder Horse, in the Gulf of Mexico, is the highest rated oil platform, with potential at 250,000 barrels per day, through seven individual wells that would have potential at about 35,000 barrels per day per well. Thunder Horse has not reached that potential amount, and is declining. But those may be the current highest producers in the US.

    Some wells in North Dakota have had initial production of 5000-10,000 barrels per day, but this is not sustained longer than a few months, usually. http://milliondollarway.blogspot.com/2011/03/denbury-onshore-lcc-may-have-most.html

    If by “America” you mean North and South America, then the most prolific well is probably one in Brazil that yields about 36,000 barrels per day (May 2011) – http://loga.la/oil-gas-news/

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