Which oil company is spending the most money on alternative energy sources?



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    Many people view any interest by oil companies in renewable energy as purely a business decision.  This is called green washing, to use green initiatives as a front to prop up public image in the light of an environmental issue.  Shell had done this for a few years putting money and advertising into solar and wind energy development, recently they have changed their course and released a statement saying that this energy is not economically viable and are focusing solely on biofuels.  Chevron commits $300 million a year to renewable energy technologies.  These efforts may be seen as self preservation, in the event that oil crashes they had a back up plan.  Or being more optimistic, perhaps the oil companies have seen the error of their earth destroying ways and have taken up a new cause, the pursuit of clean renewable energy, the exact opposite of their current production methods…  This is for the consumer to decide.  I personally find it very hard to trust these multi billion dollar corporations further than I could throw them.

    I apologize that I didn’t fully answer your question, it is very difficult to find all of the oil companies around the world and their yearly spending on clean energy.  I think it is safe to say that no matter what oil companies are spending on green alternatives, it is a measly comparison to what they spend on oil development and promotion.

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