Which ocean is the largest?



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    The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean, measuring at 16,000 kilometers wide and 4,600 meters deep. Geologists have also suggested the Pacific Ocean to be the oldest one as well, existing for over 600 million years.

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    The Pacific Ocean has definitely not existed in its present form for 600 million years. The 1992 article cited in the other answer is out of date. The oldest oceanic crust anywhere is in the northwest Pacific and is about 200 million years old.

    Oceans have existed on earth for much longer than 600 million years, but since the “Pacific Ocean” and all others are simply human definitions of geographic subsets of the world ocean. and because those geographic limits change – dramatically – over time, it is unreasonable to say that “the” Pacific Ocean, in anything like its present form, has existed for more than a couple hundred million years or so. While there was more or less one large ocean 600 million years ago, the continents that bounded it and the continental fragments, island arcs, and so on that we in it and along it were nothing like the present Pacific, and every last bit of the crust of that 600-million-year-old ocean has been consumed by subduction – for the most part, a very long time ago.

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