Which ocean has the most whales in it?



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    Humpback, finback, blue, right, sperm, and minke whales are all distributed worldwide.  Sei whales are also widely distributed, but mainly stay in colder waters.  It’s hard to say if any ocean can be said to have the most whales.  They do, however, seem to prefer colder climates, so I think the Indian Ocean would qualify as the ocean with the least whales.  

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    The humpback whale and the blue whale are the two most common species of whales, and both are found in all oceans of the world. Blue whales migrate long distances to breed, and can feed in temperate, polar, and tropical waters. Thus, I’m not sure if there is a clearcut answer to your question. 

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    Whales are migrants. Their position at any given time depends on the seaon, temperature of habitat, presence and /or absence of enemies. Therefore it is not easy to say which ocean habours the greatest number of whales.

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