Which ocean does Japan do their whaling?



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    Japanese whalers hunt from the northwestern Pacific all the way down to the Antarctic Ocean.

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    Japan’s whaling has been taking place in the Antarctic Ocean, which is also referred to as the Southern Ocean. There have been a lot of protests about their whaling efforts. Check out this article with two Japanese Greenpeace activists.

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    For the most part, Japanese “research” whaling is conducted in the northwest Pacific Ocean, and they’ve also been in the Antarctic Ocean for the 2010 -2011 season, but have faced quite a bit of resistance from militant environmentalists. The Institute of Cetacean Research is allowed to conduct these whale hunts because of a loophole cited in a 1986 international moratorium on commercial whaling.

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    With three satisfactory answers to the direct question of whaling, I figured I’d add a relevant point having to do with Japanese dolphin slaughter (which is governed by the IWC). Portrayed in the documentary, The Cove (a must see), there is a small body of water in Taiji, Japan, in which dolphins are slaughtered annually for their meat. These dolphins are the remaining who have been herded in and not selected by places like Seaworld the world over for captive display, and is a real tragedy that has flown under the radar and been snuck under the IWC. The film is one of the most powerful I’ve seen, and appears to be bringing a lot of attention to this tragedy.

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