Which natural mole removal products or methods have been effective for you or people you know?



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    I have never actually heard of a natural mole removing process, but after researching it a little bit it looks like there are several methods. One that I would recommend because of its other positive effects on skin is tea tree oil. The website found in the citations lists many remedies, but says that to use tea tree oil “three times a day for a couple weeks” by “surronding the area with a cotton swab dipped in the oil.” The mole will eventually just drop off. The website in the citations lists many remedies though, so please check it out to see what will be easiest for you!

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    It is usually not recommended that one try to remove their own moles. Moles can sometimes be cancerous and should be treated with care. You should consult a dermatologist about any questionable moles you may have and seek their recommendation before anything else. 

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