Which musical instrument is easiest to play?



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    Now, of course, we must remember a few things about this question. 1. How easy something is really just depends on who is doing it. 2. An instrument may be easy to play, but playing an instrument well almost always takes a lot of work, and can be very difficult.

    That said, the tambourine, recorder, and kazoo are all fairly easy to play. The xylophone, although considered a far more serious instrument than the former three, can be pretty simple to pick up as well.

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    Probably a drum, you just have to beat it to whatever rhythm you’d like! And there are a variety of ways to make them using sustainable materials.

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    Personally I think the piano is the easiest instrument to learn how to play.  Reading music for the piano is a great way to learn and can help you when learning to play future instruments.

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