Which is a more cost-effective way to fight global warming, investing in clean technologies, or in population control programs for the developing world?



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    Unfortunately there are no easy answers to solving the climate change problem, as this, more than possibly any other endeavor in human history, requires a collective approach by all people to do more good than harm to our environment. 

    There are solutions, though. 

    Population control in the developing world must incorporate, foremost, intensive education programs designed to inform the populace on the proper use of condoms, the importance of planning an addition to the family and implementing socially responsible behavior for all people.O

    One substantial impediment to this, though, lies in the dire economic state of many of these countries, which still lack necessary funding (for reasons as varied as the countries, themselves) to adequately implement education programs. 

    This is why it’s imperative that international bodies and industrial nations offer help to these nations in the furtherance of this cause–through programs and international aid which will, in the long run, greatly reduce the costs that we would otherwise incur in a dangerously overpopulated world. 

    Investment in clean technologies is a movement that is, thankfully, gaining momentum in much of the world. 

    There are a number of private organizations who’ve dedicated some of the brightest minds to researching alternative energy sources. 

    Which particular alternate energy source should be the focus of this attention is a rather contentious issue. A few years ago, there was a push toward ethanol as a “clean burning” additive for gasoline, but many opponents insist that the fossil fuel emissions required to harvest the ethanol render any benefit from the additive null. 

    Solar power is another alternative, but so far the limitations of this alternative (lack of sufficient power, speed, etc) have kept it from being a serious option for the most part. 

    There are many other hypothetical options that are being explored throughout the scientific community, but as yet there has been no monumental discover–no cold fusion, nor “clean” power source discovered. 

    The most certain key to fight global warming is for each of us to alter our spending habits accordingly. 

    And oil consumption is at a record high, now, unfortunately, as are the profits of oil companies–this means that consumers are not sending the large corporations the right message. 

    When oil companies begin to see their profits fall off a cliff, then, we can bet that a serious, highly funded alternative energy source will be soon to follow. 

    The truth, though, is that there is no one easy answer: simply that each of us must do our own part, from reusable grocery bags to taking a bike ride to work a few times a week, to planting trees or simply cleaning up after our dog when we take it for a walk, as long as each of us does some part, we’re heading in the right direction. 

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