Which modern invention would be the most difficult for people in developed countries to be without?



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    The flush toilet. The sanitation issues that would result from a lack of toilets would cause sickness and filth of all kinds everywhere.

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    The internal combustion engine.  The agricultural, food, and transportation network would utterly collapse instantly if there were not vehicles such as trains, planes, and personal cars that ran on petrol.  People would be stranded in outlying suburbs and rural areas without the ability to travel to stores or work.  People in all areas would not have access to food even if they could get to the grocery store because shipping would not be operable.  Even if shipping were operable, agriculture would cease because of the reliance on tractors.  In other words, all of modern civilization is built around the internal combustion engine, without it there is no modern civilization.

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    The Internet is another crucial item. So many business, education, and health files are located in online databases. Getting rid of the Internet would change how people look up information, purchase items, communicate with each other, do banking, sign up for classes, the list goes on. I work for an education company online, so my job would be gone if the Internet disappeared.

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