which modern birds are the closest resemblance to pterodactyls?



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    This would be up for debate, but one promising candidate may be Pelicans.  Pterodactyls hunted by plunge-diving into water to hunt fish, much like pelicans.  Pterodactyls had expanding lower jaws to siphon water in along with fish while hunting, much like pelicans.  It is also observed that the shape of the Pterodactyl’s head was also very similar to the shape of the modern day Pelican.  A few interesting physical connections between the two animals.

    There lies the argument that reptiles are the Pterodactyl’s closest living relative, not birds, however this is still up for debate.



    [img_assist|nid=193638|title=Brown Pelican|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=446]


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