Which methods are most effective in countering anti-environmental rhetoric?



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    If you’re looking to enlighten a friend or colleague, I believe the best method for countering anti-environmental rhetoric is through factual discussion and argument. The right to free speech is at the core of American democracy and though anti-environmental rhetoric might become exasperating, the best way to make sure you hear less of it is by convincing people of what is right.

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    Science, facts and truth are on the side of the environmental movement and the Earth. I agree that factual debate can sometimes be the best way to those with anti-environmental sediments. However, I think one of the most effective ways to engage people in this discussion is to reframe whatever argument an “anti-environmentalism” may have with you into the bigger picture. Every human activity takes place within the setting of our planet if we don’t have that setting no other activies can take place. Therefore, its kinda of important to maintain and protect the planet!

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