Which meal of the day is the most environmentally harmful?



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    That probably depends. When you say ‘environmentally harmful,’ that usually means you are using too much energy via lights on the kitchen, stove burning, microwaves, what ingredients you are using, how much water you are using to do dishes afterwards… so what meal of the day do you use the most energy? Most likely it’s dinner, when it’s too dark to see in the kitchen so the lights go on, the stove is being used for a prolonged period of time, there might be items defrosting in the microwave, water is running because there are dishes being done, and perhaps meat is the menu item for the night.

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    It’s not really the time of day that you’re eating so much as what you’re eating.  Any meal can be harmful to the environment if too much energy or resources are used.  Therefore, consider what’s going into what you’re eating before cooking.

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