Which make-up is the healthiest for your skin?



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    The best way to keep your skin healthy is to not wear make-up at all, and to just protect your skin with sunscreen every day. If you must apply make-up, it is better to wear mineral make-up.

    Mineral make-up is usually purer than other forms of make-up, and does not contain additional irritants, synthetic dyes, preservatives, or fragrances. The main ingredients in mineral make-up are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which actually have a calming effect on the skin.

    However, always look at the ingredients list on mineral make-up to make sure there are only titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Many companies market their mineral make-up as pure and natural, when there are actually additives added.

    Also, remember to remove the make-up off your skin before you go to sleep. Never sleep in make-up.

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    I like Bare Escentuals mineral make-up the best. The foundation is made to for sensitive skin and never irritates mine. It also is a good product and works well. The company markets the make-up as “so pure you can sleep in it” but I have to agree with Patricia and recommend that if you want to keep your skin healthy, do not sleep with make-up on. 

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    I’d say the best makeup is no makeup, but there are plenty of brands to choose from. Dr. Hauschka, one of the most loved organic skin care products, has just released transluscent makeup that is sheer and fabulous. It blends well, moisturizes and protects your skin and is gentle enough for all skin types.

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    As others have said, no makeup is best but who doesn’t love a little mascara every once in a while, especially for a special night out! 

    There has been recent controversy over the minerals in Bare Escentual makeup and other mineral makeup as some doctors are stating that the minerals in the makeup are so tiny, they fall quickly through the air and can be ingested and then get into the lungs causing scarring.  Although there have been no scientific studies to support these claims, doctors are worried that just as construction workers wear coverage for their nose and mouth to keep from inhaling certain particles, the same could go for women who use this type of makeup on a regular and consistent basis.  For more, see: http://www.hospitalsoup.com/health-e-living/mineral-makeup-is-mineral-makeup-dangerous/.

    One line that is completely free of anything synthetic or artificial is called 100% Pure.  This line is all vegan, non-chemical and non-artificial made 100% from fruit and vegetable pigments.  (http://www.100percentpure.com/default.asp)

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    Arbonne is not only one of the healthiest make-up brands for your skin, but it’s also eco-friendly!  Their website has a huge list of ingredients that they don’t use such as: petroleum-based ingredients, animal (and animal-by) products, artifical colors, etc.  I have been using this line for years and my skin looks great!  They are also regulated by the FDA and CIR (comestics internal review).

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