Which is the longest running oil pipeline?



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    The Druzhba Pipeline in Russia is the largest in the world. Construction began in 1960 and the pipeline runs 5,327 km. The pipeline services Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, parts of Germany and Czechoslovakia. The diameter of the pipe ranges between 11 and 32 inches with 173 pumping units along the way.  

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    If you mean “longest running” in terms of time and history rather than length, then the first crude oil pipeline was pioneered by Vladmir Shukhoc and the Branobel company in the late 19th century. In the 1860s the Oil Transport Association built a 6 mile long pipeline from a field in Pennsylvania to a station in Oil Creek. Obviously many early pipelines are no longer in use. 

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    Keystone XL is a proposed $7 billion pipeline that would run nearly 2,000 miles to connect Canada’s oil sands to refineries around Houston and the Gulf of Mexico that are designed to handle the heavy crude that the sands produce. 

    It would be the longest oil pipeline outside of Russia and China, and has become a potent symbol in a growing fight that pits energy security against environmental risk. It would be able to carry more than half a million barrels a day.

    The proposal requires President Obama’s approval because it crosses an international border. Opposition from environmentalists and officials along parts of the pipeline route, combined with a Republican measure forcing Mr. Obama to make a decision sooner than he wished, led to at least a temporary rejection of the project.

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