which kind of primates are humans hurting?



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    I am not sure exactly how you specify “hurting” but gorillas have often been hunted as nothing more than trophies; getting a gorilla is the ultimate in hunting. Primates have often been used for scientific experiments, including testing various drugs, and this is very harmful. Scientists argue that many of these experiments are necessary for advances in medicine, but this is often not the case. Over 115 million animals each year are used for medical research, only about 1/3 of which are directly related to medicine. 

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    Some smaller primates are hunted as a food source by some cultures. A few days ago someone asked about monkeys and who consumed them. There are a lot of monkeys seen as delicacies in Asia and in Africa (particularly their brains). 

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    Orangutans are threatened by humans due to habitat destruction and the ubiquity of hunting and illegal trade in many countries. 100 years ago, an estimated 230,000 orangutans were found in the wild – now there are less than 50,000 and in only two locations (Sumatra and Borneo). Additionally, as jazpiri said, many primates are used for medical and scientific experiments as well as being kept as pets.

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