Which insect repellents are the least toxic but most effective?



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    Here is a list of ones that work best:

    1. EcoSMART
    2. All Terrain Herbal Armor
    3. Bug Band
    4. BugBam wristbands
    5. Brittanie’s Thyme spray
    6. Badger Balm
    7. doTERRA Terra Shield
    8. Bug-a-Bug by ecokid spray

    A description of each product as well as the reviews can be found in the article from the link below.

    Burt’s Bees works really well too.

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    Hey there! I know this might not help much, but I have found rubbing Bounce (the sheet fabric softners) helps in fighting off insects. It’s not as effective as using the products listed by the previous answer but in case you run out or are desperate – this is a helpful solution.

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