Which industries are known for being eco-conscious?



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    Apple is one industry that promises some of the greenest computers to date.  Their technology is Magnesium and Arsenic free, made of recycled products, and even the packaging is minimized to allow more to be shipped at one time, reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

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    Many industries are known for being eco-conscious, generally because they profit off of it.  Organic agriculture and organic products in general appeal to a particular market of consumers and are fairly popular.  Many clothing companies that make gear for outdoor activity do a fairly good job of being eco-conscious.  The recycling industry is even based of the concept of conserving and reusing our resources.  Many industries out there have individual companies as well which are known to be eco-conscious, even if the industry is not.

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    The adventure travel sector of the tourism industry has a strong record of being more eco-conscious than other tourism sectors. This is mainly do to the fact that adventure travel activities often take place in sensitive environmental areas. In order for the businesses to sustain themselves, they must help support and preserve the natural environments that they use in their business. Good examples of eco-conscious adventure travel companies include:


    Gap Adventures


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