Which human culture has the healthiest diet?



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    People from the islands of Ryūkyū in Japan are reported to have the longest life expectancy in the world. This has in part been attributed to the local diet. The traditional diet of the islanders is 20% lower in calories than the Japanese average and contains 300% of the green/yellow vegetables (particularly heavy on sweet potatoes). The Okinawan diet is low in fat and has only 25% of the sugar and 75% of the grains of the average Japanese dietary intake. The traditional diet also includes a relatively small amount of fish (less than half a serving per day) and somewhat more in the way of soy and other legumes. Almost no meat, eggs, or dairy products are consumed.

    An Okinawan reaching 110 years of age has typically had a diet consistently averaging no more than one calorie per gram and has a BMI of 20.4.

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