Which herbs are the best for the human brain?



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    Ginkgo Biloba is probably the best drug for the human brain. Its known uses are to prevent memory loss (including countering alzhiemers), dementia, and possibly helping remedy the effects of MS or tinnitus.

    If you are further interested, read the full wikipedia page on the benefits of Ginkgo biloba

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    Ginkgo Biloba along with Ginseng has been shown to increase mental keenness and to slow the aging of the brain. It has also been shown to reduce the various effects of stressors on the brain and can induce a sense of calm.

    Furthermore, Ashwagandha, an ayurvedic treatment, is used to treat mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety along with insomnia and jitters. It also produces a sense of peace and calm. PLease refer to the link below for more information.

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