Which is the healthiest fast food chain?



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    According to health.com, Panera Bread seems to be ranked as the healthiest fast food joint. Another restaurant that may be closer to what people know as “fast food”, Chipotle was rated #6 healthiest.

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    According to Health.com, which did a survey based on ingredients, preparation, sodium levels, availability of nutrition information, and the use of organic ingredients, Panera Bread comes in at number one as the healthiest fast food chain. The restaurant offers a wide variety of healthy options and allows customers to build their own meals with options like whole wheat bread and produce instead of chips. In addition, you can order half portions and much of the meat is hormone- and antibiotic-free.

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    Panera Bread is ranked as the healthiest fast food chain, but there are many others right behind it. Some of those include: Corner Bakery Cafe, Chipotle, Atlanta Bread and many others.

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    Chipotle is one of the healthiest fast food chains – their ingredients are fresh, local, and their tortillas black beans, cheese, and sour cream are all completely vegetarian. 

    Panera Bread and Au Bon Pain also were ranked high on the health factor. Surprisingly, McDonald’s is also making strides towards healthy eating, with the options of fresh fruit and small portions. 

    Jamba Juice’s Ideal Meals (a smoothie with bananas and granola) were also rated as one of the top fast food breakfasts. 

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