Which has a greater impact, wind or water erosion?



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    That depends on the climate or region. If it’s incredibly windy in an area, but doesn’t get as much rain, I’d say wind erosion because it strips away layers of rock and dirt. If you’re in an area where there’s a lot more rain than wind, I’d have to go with water. Water erosion goes deeper into the ground than wind erosion, which is generally limited to the surface. The water can break up the ground below the surface, causing immense damage when huge chunks of land come loose. If the water gets into cracks and it’s cold enough, it can freeze. The expansion of the freezing water breaks rocks from the inside. This can even be seen on your car windshield if you get a chip. If it gets water in it, and then freezes, it can expand and form a crack.

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    Water erosion. Wind erosion usually requires high wind velocity to impose any significant level of land erosion. Water erosion occurs more frequently and is more noticeable when it happens. Rain, storms, and melting ice combined with decreasing soil and dirt cohesion allow for more erosion in a shorter duration. Wind requires long durations of time to show any significant levels of erosion.

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