Which is greener? Private or public schools?



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    I believe this depends entirely on the school. Schools are too varied to say that one group of them is definitely doing a better job establishing green practice and following guidelines to help recycle and do things of that nature for the environment. I’ve heard stories of both doing their part: One private school in Wilmington, Delaware I know of has adopted a recycling plan and gotten the recycling companies to bring dumpsters to their school; and one public school I know of in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is participating in a competition to build a hybrid car… So there is no good way to compare them right now — more studies should be performed to see where the biggest improvements can be made in efficiency and eco-safe practices (sort of like an energy/ environmental awareness census!) — and I believe that currently it is up to the individual people who teach and attend the public and private schools to make their own green spirit show!

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