Which generation do you think is the most eco friendly?



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    I would like to hope that the younger generations and future generations will live more sustainably than previous ones. i would like to think this, because it is optimistic and hopeful to think that people can innovate new ways to conserve, preserve, recycle, reuse, and reverse damages the environment has already accrued. In terms of previous generations I think that the rise of the green movement in the 1970s was a very important time for establishing eco-friendly practices. Prior to that I think that ancient civilizations, prior to electricity and cars and modernity lived very sustainably! For example, the present day Amish can be seen in a similar sense, because they live in a very sustainable, eco-friendly community.

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    I don’t know how the lifestyle of future generations will be, but so far, I think the greenest generation is the one during World War II. Specifically in the US, that generation learned to be thrift so that the US Army can have enough resources to fight against the “triple axis of evil” (Italy, Germany and Japan) They learned to garden, make the most use out of everyday things like textiles. They collected metal scraps for reuse. They ration food like sugar and eggs and meat. Even though wars aren’t good for anyone, the indirect effect on people’s lifestyles of those in war is good for the environment. 

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