Which fruit contains the most vitamin C?



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    A fruit called the Acerola has the most, but kiwis have the most out of fruits you can usually buy in the store.

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    The kiwifruit is the most vitamin C-rich fruit, which contains about 64mg of vitamin C.

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    Some additional vitamin rich fruits are included in the table below. It is important to remember that the amount of vitamin C in fruits can vary between the different species as well as the level of ripeness and storage period.

    Vitamin C Rich Foods List Milligrams Portion
    Rose hip extracts 1000 + 100g
    Blackcurrant 200 100g
    Guava up to 200 100g
    Strawberry 80 100g
    Lemon 60 100g
    Orange 50 + 100g
    Kiwi Fruit 50 + 100g
    Clementine 40 + 100g
    Grapefruit 36 + 100g
    Raspberry 30 + 100g
    Lychees 30 + 100g
    Nectarines 30 + 100g
    Peaches 30 100g
    Mangoes 30 100g


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