Which foods are the most unhealthy?



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    The majority of processed foods are pretty unhealthy but probably fried foods are the worst for you. A general test is that if it is solid at room temperature – not healthy (think shortening).

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    Foods that can be converted to fats (such as foods high in sugars), foods rich in unhealthy fats, and food high in sodium and preservatives are not considered healthy. Foods that are low in nutrient value are in general not unhealthy, but empty calories that can contribute weight gain. Thus, eating healthy fats, high nutrient foods, along with low sodium foods and low preservative foods is considered healthy.

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    Fast food can be extremely bad for you–containing things such as sulphites which can be carcinogenic, and french fries that actually at the right level of cooking can create small amounts of neurotoxins. Foods that contain a lot of chemical preservatives (hydrogenated oils found in things such as mass produced baked goods) and sulphites (processed meats like spam, hot dogs, and burger meat from large chains) in general are not good for you, as they can lead to major health issues in the future. Processing can remove a lot of healthy nutrients, and as a result you are also getting empty calories. Generally speaking, fast food is actually never a good choice, unless the ingredients are fresh, and then it’s only a mediocre choice because mass production by any means never takes health as a priority, just profit margins.

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    A good rule of thumb is, the less ingredients on the label, the healthier the food. (Think fruits and vegetables – these carry no labels, and are full of nutrients). So for unhealthy foods, take the reverse. If there are many ingredients, and most of them do not sound edible, chances are the “food” item is really not very nutritious.

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