in which of the following ways do people increase the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?

a.) Cutting down trees
b.) Driving gasoline
c.) Burning coal
d.) Freaquently using air conditioners
e.) All of the above



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    People can increase the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted into the air by driving a car that is fuel-inefficient and is not up to air quality standards. People also contribute to climate change through what they choose to eat because the livestock industry is responsible for more greenhouse gases then the transportation industry. People also can increase the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by using products that are harmful to the environment such as aerosol.  

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    The answer is all of the above (e). People can life more conservatively and produce less greenhouse gases, but right now, we don’t have completely clean ways to travel, produce energy, and maintain comfortable living conditions. Hopefully, cleaner energy will aid us in producing less greenhouse gases. 

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