Which fast food joint is least harmful to the environment?



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    While fast food restaurants are certainly not considered green, many of them are taking steps to make their business more sustainable. For example. McDonald’s made a commitment to cutting energy use by 13% and they serve organic coffee. Burgerville, in the northwest of the U.S., is considered the most sustainable fast food chain. However, because it is not nationwide, we still need solutions to the rest of the country’s fast food problem.

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    With only 30 stores in the United States, Le Pain Quotidien, a sandwich and bakery, is the greenest of the fast food chains. They implement numerous sustainable techniques such as green building techniques, use ingredients grown locally and recycling a good amount of their waste.

    For something more prominent, Chipotle and Starbucks have been recognized as some of the more environmentally friendly fast food chains.

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    Chipotle is quite green, especially for a fast food restaurant. They are committed to using local and organic products whenever available. They serve more naturally-raised meat than any other restaurant in the country. They also are committed to only using hormone-free products. They also build using green practices, having the first restaurant ever to achieve platinum LEED certification.

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