Which fast food chain produces the most waste daily?



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    Well this doesn’t answer your question exactly, but McDonald’s patrons create the most litter on the streets.  According to the article I have attached a link to, 29% of the litter lining the streets was from McDonald’s.  This could be for a few reasons, but one may be that McDonald’s packages their food in a wasteful way.  For example, if you order a Big Mac, fries, dessert, and drink they wrap up each individual item.  From there they might put the burger in one bag, fries and dessert in another, and then put your drink in one of those 4-cup cardboard carrying packs.  This isn’t to say that McDonald’s absoluetly produces the most waste daily, but I would assume they are towards the top of the list.

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    McDonalds sells more than any other fast food chain, so I am confident they product the most waste. I couldn’t get an exact number (not something the company wants to flaunt I am sure) but I did learn that they service over 26 million customers each day! Happy Meal boxes weigh 1.6 oz, so if we assume that 26 million happy meal boxes worth of waste are sold daily, that’s 2,600,000 pounds of waste daily. This doesn’t include the wrapping of the food either. 

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