Which fast food burger is the best for the environment?



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    Oh you HAD to ask this question so I get to talk about In-n-Out Burger. In-n-out uses local-produced lettuce and tomatoes that is extremely fresh. The beef is also local-sourced and is so fresh it never has to be frozen. In-n-Out does not own a single microwave or freezer. Even the potatoes for their french fries are fresh, never frozen, and are hand-sliced in front of your eyes right before you eat them. The employees are well-taken care of and receive full benefits as well as significantly higher pay than the vast majority of fast food restaurants. In-n-Out is the only fast food spoken highly of in the book Fast Food Nation. You can order your burger any way you like, including sans meat. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking a double-double up.

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    I would argue that the Bare Burger in New York City is the best burger for the environment.  Not only do they use hormone-free, organic, local, and free-range ingredients, but their facility is made from recycled or sustainable material such as reclaimed tin and bamboo.   You have to look at the bigger picture and evaluate the business itself.   If a fast food joint makes a “green” burger, they’ll advertise on their website and inside their facility.  But I think the race is on for the greenest burger, so the best one is likely to change.  Burgerville on the West Coast of the US for example, uses wind power, and even Burger King is advertising more environmentally responsible practices to come.

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