Which environmental issue are you most concerned about right now?



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    I am personally a moderate follower of green habits. I try to recycle as much as I can, I practice energy saving habits in my home, and am trying to cut down on my water usage. However, I eat meat and have no intention of becoming a vegetarian and buy the cheapest groceries, which translates to eco-unfriendly products (less meat though). Despite this, I am an animal lover, though I kill pests on sight (It’s compulsive, I’m pretty sure I am a considered a war criminal by the ant population in that periodically invades my appartment).

    That being said, I have taken up the odd interest in the study of evolution, evolutionary psychology and animal intellegence and behaviorology. So the environmental issues that concern me most are proper animal and habitat conservation as well as in depth research into animal cognition, especially endangered species protection. (Except I seem to be almost racist against ants and centipedes in this respect).

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    I am most concerned with conservation in general.  My interest in this ranges from saving bees from extinction to how the wetlands near the Gulf of Mexico will survive such a mess.  While I am not personally involved in making any of these things happen at the moment, I do like to spend time reading/hearing about people who are.  The thousands of TED Talks that happen every day are incredibly inspiring.  It is so amazing to know that there are so many people out there working to make a difference, and I can’t wait to be one of them when my time comes. http://www.ted.com/

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    Yes, TED is a fantastic tool for education and inspiration, I wholeheartedly agree with stateofkate. 

    Since writing for GreenAnswers I’ve gone through some reevaluating of my concerns for the environment.  I was not expecting to feel so hopeful as a result, worldwide efforts toward sustainability and environmental responsibility that were totally unknown to me comfort me into thinking humans might just “get it” in time to save dwindling ecosystems.  Less hope do I feel for the future of heavily endangered species, and subsequently this issue has become a high priority for me.    Teaching people to care about recycling and reducing fossil fuels seems easier than asking people not to utilize neighboring habitats for human use.  Human expansion is a tough one to dissuade when all that seems to be in the way is the fate of the local population of desert owl, blue butterfly etc. 

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    This may be a little off topic, but I worry that the recession is going to make the American people so hungry for jobs and growth that the environment is destroyed through activities like oil drilling. I hope the future is not sacrificed for the problems in the immediate present. That being said, very soon I will graduate college and would love an economy where I can find work, but I also want a healthy environment years from now.

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    I am concerned with the socio-economic gulf between people, which I feel dramatically influences the “Be Green” mission. I have read about something called “the greening of hate”; in its simplest terms it is the idea that poor and marginalized communities are often blamed for environmental degradation (overpopulation being the primary emphasis). I don’t think enough advocates of the “Save the Planet” ideology understand the gap that makes it so hard for underprivileged communities to adhere to sustainable living practices. Lack of information, resources, and, yes, money–all hinder their participation in the movement. I get very frustrated with this–I think there exists a “do good” mentality (which I support) that can be a little lacking in a broader understanding and a bit elitist. The result can be a somewhat self-righteous and preachy attitude, which I feel is counterproductive and hinders the movement from forward progress.

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    I would say that I’m most concerned with access to clean water and working towards sustainability as well as encouraging environmental responsibility.  As the human population expands it affects every aspect of our environmental health.  I don’t worry for the planet (it will heal from almost anything long-term) but I have concerns for our species and others if we continue on this path.  In the short term, I think it’s important that everyone have access to clean water and that when we or anyone helps others they do so from the perspective of sustainability – not by providing a well, without providing maintenance training.  Not by building a hospital with medical eqiupment no one knows how to use, calibrate or maintain correctly.  If we want to give food, we should determine what will grow and how to grow it best in the area that those who need it live – something along the line of the Millenium Villages.  People need to remember that “being green” can be a bit of a luxury for most of the world, and we have to work to make it be the best way for everyone, everywhere.

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    I agree with tutt47 that, in the face of the twin climate-energy crises the world is facing, economic concerns will outweigh environmental ones.  It seems that, even in the immediate aftermath of a nuclear crisis, little is being done by way of legislative action to improve energy standards.  As in any economic recession, people are less willing to commit to financing green innovation projects.  We are tragically short-sighted, as history shows, and I think motivating Americans and the White House to make landmark changes in our policies and lifestyles is still going to be a long, arduous process.  The reality is we need bold policy decisions now more than ever to mitigate our impact on the environment before it is too late. 

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    The issue of human population is one I am most concerned with. I am concered about having enough land for landfill waste, homes, agriculture, and actually being able to conserve natural spaces. How long can governments protect parks and other green spaces when people do not have enough land to feed themselves and to live on? The increased demand on the earth’s resources due to population growth concerns me most, especially when the human population has been growing exponentially. 

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    I am most concerned about our air quality standards, specifically because I live Arizona, a very high smog state. According to some of the research that I’ve done, the Clean Air Act has not been updated since 2008 and the Obama Administration put off revising it last year until 2013! Last September, Phoenix ranked in “The Top 30 Smoggiest Cities in the U.S.”! I feel that this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed sooner because the health of Arizonans and so many others are currently at risk. I am also very concerned about water conservation. I have heard about how our fresh water (already limited around the world) is mostly owned by corporations. Here in Arizona, we share our main water resource, the Colorado River with Colorado, Nevada, & areas of California! Being that it gets to be over 100 degrees here in the summer months and there are very dry conditions here year round, these facts scare me. We also are not doing everything we can to conserve and be more responsible with our water.

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