Which eggs are the healthiest for you?



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    We can’t all have farm fresh eggs from chickens allowed to roam around someone’s yard in the country.  However, Pennsylvania State University has shown that eggs laid by such hens that have a pasture environment boast a higher vitamin content.  When they are outside, chickens can feed on a natural diet of grass seeds and insects.  Living inside and crammed amongst other chickens in tiny cages inhibits them from normal chicken behavior and is no doubt stressful.  Although free-range eggs that can be found in a grocery store sound like the chickens laying those eggs had a natural, outdoorsy life, be weary.  Free-range simply means that they have access to outside, not necessarily that they spend copious amounts of time in a lush, open yard.

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    The healthiest egg option would be to purchase from your local farmer or at a farmers market.  You can be more assured that these eggs come from chickens whose feed contains little or no additional supplements.  If this is not easily accessible, supermarket eggs with the most Omega-3s and DHAs are the best option. 

    The way you cook your egg should also be noted if you are concerned about health.  The egg yolk has a high amount of cholesterol so it is always best to use only the egg whites.  If you love the yolky middle a little every now and then cannot hurt if you are not in danger of high cholesterol levels.  Just make sure to check with your doctor!

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    When looking into purchasing healthy eggs, keep in mind that in addition to purchasing from your local farmer’s market and also seeking free range options, take a look into purchasing brown eggs over white eggs.  Eggs that are brown have that hue due to a higher nutrition content of vitamins and minerals within the chickens diet and those are then passed onto the consumer.  Brown eggs come from chickens with red feathers and red ear lobes which eat more than white-feathered chickens that lay white eggs.

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