which dyes are more ecofriendly



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    Easy question: Natural dyes taken straight from plants are most eco-friendly.

    Of course if you ask a chemist, or the Monsanto corporation, they’re likely to tell you that all kinds of dyes are perfectly safe and eco-friendly. But I wouldn’t buy a used car from them, either. The problem is that apart from people with significant morals, a very good proportion of professionals in the field are mostly interested in making money. The last thing they want to hear is that the chemical they spent 10 years developing causes long term cancer in Koala Bears. Or anything else. Unsurprisingly, Monsanto doesn’t spend much time evaluating the effect of their chemicals on Koalas. Or on anything else they don’t think will come back to bite them.

    If Koalas kick the bucket on account of some Monsanto chemical — 30 years from now — most of the people involved will be retired, and won’t care much. (Maybe they’ll send a Hallmark card, yah?)

    The safest dyes are the ones that have been time-tested, and come straight from traditional plants, and have not been chemically altered. Native cultures such as the traditional American Indians have many natural dyes — and chances are — since they’re still alive after 100s of years — those dyes are eco-friendly.

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