Which do you think is better: buying second-hand clothes, or buying new clothes made from recycled or sustainable fabrics?

Just a thought for discussion. And consider all facets of “better:” better for the earth, better for your wallet, better for the current economic situation, better in the sense of supporting green-oriented business vs. supporting local consignment shops, etc.



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    The all around better is buying second hand clothes. Clothes made from recycled or sustainable fabrics are significantly better than normal clothes, but still require energy and resources to produce versus second hand clothes which don’t take any more input. There is a surplus of clothes already made and there are certain individuals, millions in fact, in the US that if they are truly committed to changing their lifestyle to be greener need to cut back on their possessions.

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    Second hand clothes also perpetuate the philosphy of green thinking.  Though the new clothes are made from reusable materials, the idea of “new vs. used” on a very basic level still applies.  Habits create a lifestyle.

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