Which is the deadliest disease in the world?



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    There are a number of incurable or fatal diseases which are all equally deadly (there is really only one level of ‘dead’ that they can cause).

    Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) include heart disease, respiratory disease, cancer and diabetes.  These can be fatal, and are generally caused by actions that a person takes.  They aren’t transmitted the way other diseases are.  According to the World Health Organization, these cause 63% of deaths worldwide.

    Of communicable diseases, HIV/AIDs is a slow killer, but an unstoppable one.  AIDs is the sixth leading cause of death for US citizens aged 25-44 – but that’s down from the number one in 1995.  The virus can be spread through blood, sexual contact or pregnancy (from a mother to her child).  AIDs attacks the immune system, so that other mild diseases that wouldn’t affect a healthy adult may kill someone who has AIDs.  There is no cure for this virus, but there are treatments that can improve their quality of life.


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