Which cut of meat is the best for you?



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    In terms of red meat, Good Housekeeping ranked, top sirloin (156 cals, 5 grams fat, 1.9 grams sat. fat), beef tenderloin (196 cals, 10.5 grams fat, 4 grams sat. fat), and flank steak (181 cals, 8.4 grams fat, 3.6 grams sat. fat) as the healthiest. 

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    You can’t go wrong with a chicken breast.  Though it has 260 calories, there are only 2.93 grams of fat and less than 1 gram of saturated fat.  Plus, it’s packed with protein at 55 grams each.  Additionally, organic chicken breasts only have 120 calories, and 1.5 grams of fat.  

    If you’re opting for red meat, try to find grass-fed organic beef.  You’re going to pay more, but the nutritional benefit is outstanding over typical factory farmed beasts.

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    NONE!!! All cow is feed antibiotics, hormones and corn.  That is not what their suppose to eat, so unless you are raising your own cow and it eats grass in a wide open pasture RUN and run fast because the alien corn is in the mist.

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