Which crop is the most environmentally damaging?



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    This is a matter of opinion but many would argue that industrial corn is the most environmentally damaging crop given current cultivation practices. Industrial corn is heavily subsidized by the government in America costing taxpayers over 4 billion dollars a year. There is already a huge surplus of the stuff, which is why we see high fructose corn syrup in almost everything we eat. Farmers have no choice but to grow more in order to break even. It is a huge monoculture, primarily, and sucks the soil of its nutrients.  It requires tons of water, pesticides, and fertilizers, which take huge quantities of energy to produce. Most of the corn Americans eat isn’t even corn at all in the true sense of the word. It is heavily processed into animal feed, yogurt, fruit juice and practically everything on a fast food menu then shipped all over the country contributing largely to climate change. The nitrogen based fertilizers get into water systems and contribute to dead zones in the ocean, like that off the Gulf of Mexico. It is an unsustainable crop.

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