Which county in California gets the most rain?



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    It is hard to say exactly, but it is most likely Sonoma County, because of the Guerneville area, which gets about 50 inches of rain annually, sometimes getting as high as 70 inches (1800 mm). Cazadero is the second rainiest place in California, getting over 100 inches a year (2500 mm) and sometimes up to 120 inches (3000 mm). Del Norte County gets a lot of rain too, because of Gasquet, which is supposedly the wettest place in California. It gets and average annual rainfall of 95 inches (2400 mm). Siskiyou County also gets a lot of rainfall, because some of the western canyons can receive over 100 inches (2500 mm) of rain, but the county average is probably lower because of the eastern areas of the county which are more arid.

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