Which country is water the most expensive?



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    According the the report I found by UNESCO, the highest cost for water in developed nations is Germany, with $1.91 per 1000 liters.

    The highest cost for water anywhere in the world is the Maldives, where water will cost $5.70 per 1000 liters.  The Maldives are much higher than any other nation on the list compiled.  

    These figures are from 1997, but were the most recent study I have been able to find.  Click on the second link below to see how the Maldives have since improved their water use and distribution.

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    I think that what you’re asking her is where water shortages are worst. If that’s the case, the answer is probably China, which is expected to endure the world’s worst water shortage soon. Water availability is about a quarter of the world’s average and is expected to fall even lower. Less than half of water waste in Chinese cities is properly treated or recycled as well. Also, 20 percent of water is lost through leaky pipes and the like. However, the Chinese government has made a commitment to improve its water efficiency, so it may avert catastrophe.

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    Remember that, in some countries, you cannot put a price on water.  It’s free, but some people have to walk miles to get it and then walk back carrying it.

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    Water in Denmark costs $6.70 per cubic meter which encourages citizens to be more water conscious. On the other hand, the agriculture suffers as a result of this practice.

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