Which country uses wind energy the most?



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    Pretty much answered a few hours ago:

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    Here is a website the provides the top ten countries that use wind energy most efficiently.

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    According to nationmaster.com, Germany is the country that has the most wind energy production, followed by Spain and then U.S. Although this is a trivia question, a bit of knowledge to tuck away until needed, it speaks to a larger issue. I live in the Bay Area in California. Near Travis Air Force base in Fairfield there is a tremendous amount of windmills which makes complete sense because there is so much wind here. Combining wind and solar energy is a jackpot; it basically costs you nothing after instillation and saves you hundreds of dollars per month on your energy bills. An added benefit in my opinion is that you are no longer tied to a monopoly such as PG&E; you are essentially off the grid while in the grid. Who doesn’t get a kick out of that! The main problem is the cost of installation. If I had enough funding I would immediately put up solar panels and find some sort of windmill small enough to put on little quarter of an acre. Shouldn’t we all individually find ways to use the free resources around us especially when it sustains the environment and saves us money? In California there is no shortage of wind or solar energy; it was 70 degrees yesterday in winter.

    If you would like to stop thinking about how nice it would be to use wind energy instead of paying PG&E to do it for you, check out this video and try it out. As the video states, “Be the Change!”



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